Update 24.01.16

So the old web page is no longer, I have just deleted the DNS and Web Forwarding and hopefully the new WordPress DNS will come online in the next few hours and this site will go live under www.donalhodgson.com for the first time. I doubt many trumpets or brass sections will burst into instant fanfare but who knows, maybe the odd Mariachi band will strums few major chords in appreciation.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about working with WordPress and more importantly what I want my site to say, I love that fact that I can email in updates about what I’m doing, maybe one day that brass band will blow me a small fanfare !!

So on with the learning and it’s not just WordPress I also have to get a better handle on Pixelmator so I can add some decent images to the site, as an audiophile editing images doesn’t come naturally. I have always been a keen photographer but I’ve never been that inspired by post camera manipulation. I prefer to get the image as good as possible when I’m out in the field. The best photo compliment I’ve had is about a NY taxi image I took as it drove down passed the Met, I got some really good motion blurring. My friend thought I’d done it in Photoshop, that made me feel pretty good. I suppose instead of hours wandering the streets with my camera I could have done 5 minutes and then rest at home, bit like tuning a vocal !! Doesn’t really matter what your medium is or what tools you have at your disposal, great work takes time, however you choose to do it.


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