Dudley-Jeczalik-Langan reboot Art of Noise’s In Visible Silence – The British Library

Dudley-Jeczalik-Langan reboot Art of Noise’s In Visible Silence

Fri 9 Mar 2018, 19:30 – 22:30
See Art of Noise’s million-selling In Visible Silence performed live in London for the first time in 30 years. Released in 1986, the album spawned hits Peter Gunn with Duane Eddy, Paranoimia with Max Headroom and Legs.

Anne Dudley, J J Jeczalik and Gary Langan formed Art of Noise in 1983 and – alongside producer Trevor Horn and ‘director’ Paul Morley – tore up the pop, electronic and avant-garde rule books with the game-changing records Moments in Love, Close (to the Edit) and Kiss with Tom Jones. Supported by DJ Food.


2017 Review


To celebrate 25 years of microphone manufacturing brilliance DPA microphones decide to embark on a 25 country world Tour celebrating and educating audiences around the world. And it was my great honour and pleasure to accompany them on this tour, which now spilling over into 2018 with Berlin & Beijing already confirmed for 2018


Back in September 2017 I went to Japan with Anne Dudley JJ Jeczalik and the great Gary Langan to help them re-boot their Invisible Silence project at Tokyo’s Billboard Live venue, where we performed 4 shows. I made sure all the tech worked in both audio and video and made my stage performance debut. It was an absolute delight to be asked to be on stage with such innovators and pioneers, a real honour. And we will be back performing at the British Library on March 9th


Simon Law’s Look to the Sky album was released on June 23rd 2017 and it was just brilliant working with Simon again after so many years. Truly one of the nicest and most talented musician  /producers I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. Nothing about mixing the album felt like work, it was just a pleasure.


Sting spent most of 2017 on the road with his 57th & 9th:World Tour which gave me the opportunity to work on some of these other projects but we did meet up a couple of times to do a little work on his musical project the Last Ship and a bit of TV promo, he’s always a pleasure to work with.


I did my first Dolby Atmos mixes in 2017, what an amazing and creative format and just as I finished my mixes Avid released full Dolby Atmos integration in Pro Tools 12, nice to be ahead of the curve, in a good way.

Rock Choir

Working with my great friend and partner, Kipper we created yet more resource tracks for Rock Choir as well as 5 choir recording sessions at Abbey Road. Looking forward to another year working with Caroline and Rock Choir.



Are you new to the audio world and want to start your career off at a high level? Or perhaps you are an experienced sound engineer and microphone enthusiast who is always eager to learn about the newest technology, trends, tips and tricks. Either way, the DPA GET CLOSER World Tour will allow you to meet, network with and learn from the best audio experts in the business.

DPA Microphones is hosting fully-loaded, all-day audio masterclasses in cities around the world. At each event, well-respected “Masters of Audio” will share their experiences, show their best tricks and give hands-on demos of miking techniques for achieving the best result in various applications.

In addition, microphone experts from DPA’s headquarters in Denmark will be available to demonstrate and provide technical background information on the microphones and miking techniques.


So proud to be asked to be part of this amazing experience, thank you DPA.


DPA’s 25th Anniversary GET CLOSER World Tour starts its second leg and advances into Europe

By Sue Sillitoe, White Noise PR


After resounding success in the USA, DPA Microphones’ 25th anniversary GET CLOSER World Tour continues on. The first stop is Canada and then it moves on to Europe and Asia. The tour focuses on educating participants; combining theoretical learning, with panel discussions and miking technique demos from the best Masters of Audio in the business.

More than 200 people attended DPA’s GET CLOSER sessions in New York and Los Angeles and feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive:

“Overall one of the best brand events I have attended – very well thought out and presented.”
“The format of the class was wonderful. The “intimate” setting allowed for some great learning and interaction!”
“I cannot imagine having a better opportunity to connect with DPA product experts and key users in the audio engineering community. I’ve only owned one DPA product, to date, and I will now be looking at your products with a fresh perspective.”

DPA’s GET CLOSER World Tour allows audio enthusiasts to learn from recognised experts from the audio industry, as well as network with their peers at full day educational masterclass events. At each event, well-respected Masters of Audio share their experiences, reveal their best tips and give hands-on demos of miking techniques for achieving the best result in various applications.

These masterclass events are tailor-made to appeal to specific target groups in the different countries and the Masters of Audio that are chosen to participate change accordingly. One presenter who has participated in multiple classes, sound engineer and mixer Donal Hodgson, shares his experiences from working with Sting, Tina Turner, Arrested Development, Primal Scream and Duran Duran. Film sound engineer Stéphane Bucher, who has worked on films like Taken II and III, Valerian and Lucy, is also on the speaker list. In addition, microphone experts from DPA’s headquarters in Denmark are on-site to tell about miking theory and demonstrate miking techniques. These include miking expert, Bo Brinck, who has been doing workshops for many years together with DPA distributors all over the world as well as audio expert, Eddy B. Brixen, who has a unique knowledge about acoustics.

The first coming World Tour dates will find place on:
Sept. 19, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with Gerr Audio
Sept. 22, Bologna, Italy, with M. Casale Bauer
Oct. 4, Paris, France with Audio2
Oct. 12, Amsterdam, The Netherlands with Amptec
Oct. 17, Barcelona, Spain with SeeSound
Nov. 14, Sydney, Australia with Amber Technology
Nov. 16, Melbourne, Australia with Amber Technology
Nov. 23, Leuven, Belgium with Amptec

You can find details about these and more Master Classes by going to http://www.dpamicrophones.com/25yrs/world-tour

“We are extremely happy with the overwhelming interest for our DPA GET CLOSER World Tour. Having these focused days with such a dedicated crowd is a fantastic opportunity to get even closer to existing and new users of our microphones. DPA is constantly increasing our level of activities and the interaction with the users is of utmost importance for us. Through the many years of developing high-quality microphone solutions for the pro audio market, DPA has gained a lot of knowledge that we want to share to give others the opportunity to take advantage of our findings.” says Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO for DPA Microphones.

DPA has been doing successful workshops with its distributors for many years and in connection with DPA’s 25-year anniversary the idea of the DPA GET CLOSER World Tour was born. It consists of 25 masterclasses throughout the world focusing on giving the participants a thorough introduction to different theoretical as well as practical miking topics.

There are limited seats for all GET CLOSER World Tour events and tickets, along with full details of finalized events, are available here: www.dpamicrophones.com/25yrs/world-tour


February 2017 Update

Just bought and installed Sonarworks Reference 3, amazing, the imaging on my NS10’s is greatly improved and they have never sounded so good in my little studio. Can’t wait to hear how my mixing works with this new plugin. Talking of which I bought the Fab Filter bundle just before Christmas and I am mighty impressed with the quality and ease of use. Looking forward to the MPG awards next week at the Grosvenor House Hotel. Was great fun last year, especially bumping into so many old friends.