Microphone Masterclass – The “masters of audio”



Are you new to the audio world and want to start your career off at a high level? Or perhaps you are an experienced sound engineer and microphone enthusiast who is always eager to learn about the newest technology, trends, tips and tricks. Either way, the DPA GET CLOSER World Tour will allow you to meet, network with and learn from the best audio experts in the business.

DPA Microphones is hosting fully-loaded, all-day audio masterclasses in cities around the world. At each event, well-respected “Masters of Audio” will share their experiences, show their best tricks and give hands-on demos of miking techniques for achieving the best result in various applications.

In addition, microphone experts from DPA’s headquarters in Denmark will be available to demonstrate and provide technical background information on the microphones and miking techniques.

To get an idea of what our Microphone Masterclasses is all about, please check out the World Tour Recap

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Dudley-Jeczalik-Langan reboot Art of Noise’s In Visible Silence – The British Library

Dudley-Jeczalik-Langan reboot Art of Noise’s In Visible Silence

Fri 9 Mar 2018, 19:30 – 22:30
See Art of Noise’s million-selling In Visible Silence performed live in London for the first time in 30 years. Released in 1986, the album spawned hits Peter Gunn with Duane Eddy, Paranoimia with Max Headroom and Legs.

Anne Dudley, J J Jeczalik and Gary Langan formed Art of Noise in 1983 and – alongside producer Trevor Horn and ‘director’ Paul Morley – tore up the pop, electronic and avant-garde rule books with the game-changing records Moments in Love, Close (to the Edit) and Kiss with Tom Jones. Supported by DJ Food.