Dudley·Jeczalik·Langan Reboot The Art Of Noise – The Jazz Cafe


Dudley·Jeczalik·Langan Reboot The Art Of Noise – The Jazz Cafe

Tuesday 7th January In only their third UK live show together to date, Art of Noise founder members Anne Dudley, JJ Jecalik and Gary Langan take to the Jazz Cafe stage to reboot the Art of Noise, performing the back catalogue from Who’s Afraid to In Visible Silence and beyond.

Dudley-Jeczalik-Langan formed Art of Noise in 1983 and – alongside producer Trevor Horn and ‘director’ Paul Morley – tore up the pop, electronic and avant-garde rule books with the game-changing singles Moments in Love, Close (to the Edit), Kiss (with Tom Jones), Peter Gunn (with Duane Eddy), Paranoimia (with Max Headroom) and Instruments of Darkness (with The Prodigy).


Standing: £25 – 27.50 Restaurant: £35



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