DPA Presents Tape Op Podcast – Episode 25: Ryan Hewitt

DPA Presents Tape Op Podcast – Episode 25: Ryan Hewitt logo_black_simple.png

A new Tape Op Podcast is here!

feat-episode-25-ryan-hewitt-eml.jpgEpisode 25: Ryan Hewitt

We interviewed Ryan Hewitt back in 2007 for Tape Op Issue 61. A lot can happen in ten plus years, so we thought it’d be a good idea to check in. Online Publisher Geoff Stanfield caught up with Ryan to talk about his mobile recording pioneer dad David Hewitt, Rick Rubin, Phil Ramone, his recent move to Nashville and to just generally chew the fat. Enjoy!

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Here are a few gems from the archives!

Decca Tree Technique

hewitt-01.jpgIn the 1950s, stereo was an emerging format. Engineers had to experiment with various ways to record good stereo, while maintaining mono compatibility. (Has this changed?) Two notorious experimenters…


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